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GMAT 1:1 – Prep Development & Score Improvement

  • GMAT problem area research
  • GMAT Test and mock analysis Personalised
  • GMAT strategy & blueprint
  • GMAT mock and sectional testing

GRE Test Prep Development & Score Improvement

  • GRE 1:1 Test Prep elelemnts
  • GRE test prep conssitency
  • GRE content adaptive for all engg & non engg background
  • GRE engaging mocks analysis

SAT Test Prep & Score Improvement

  • SAT 1:1 strategy creation
  • SAT skills learning and time management
  • SAT study plan alongwith school
  • Online Test Taking ability

The Brilliant Minds Behind Our Curriculum


Attending CareerGeek’s SAT classes was a wise investment. The curriculum was well-structured, covering all the necessary topics and providing ample practice opportunities. Dillesh sir and Arohi ma’am were approachable and always willing to clarify doubts. Thanks to their guidance, I got into the college I always dreamed of attending.


Aanya Sharma

University of California, 80% Scholarship, SAT 1590

Outstanding GRE tutoring experience! The tutors demonstrated a deep understanding of the exam structure and content. They were patient and dedicated, going above and beyond to ensure that I grasped difficult concepts. The study resources provided were top-notch, and the regular practice sessions helped me build confidence in tackling the challenging sections of the. GRE. I highly recommend tutoring service.


Rohan Joshi

Carnegie Mellon University, 330 GRE

Mr. Dillesh has a very unique way of teaching which provided valuable insights and shortcuts. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on time management and stress reduction techniques. The small class size allowed for individual attention, and the interactive sessions made learning enjoyable. With Mr. Dillesh’s help, I achieved a score beyond my expectations. I highly recommend these classes!


Shreya mpreeti

Perdue, 80% scolarship SAT 1550

CareerGeek truly changed my life. I would recommend CareerGeek to anyone looking to study abroad, they will be true stepping stone in your academic journey.


Monish Banarjee

Business Analyst

I can’t thank Dillesh sir and Arohi ma’am enough for being an instrumental role in my journey to Harvard. Their expertise, combined with their dedication to student success, sets them apart. The tutoring sessions were highly interactive and focused on building a strong foundation in the core concepts.


Michael O’Brien

Senior Marketing

Loved the quant tips and support from Dillesh Sir. Would highly recommend this to aspirants seeking to sharpen strategy and achieve a score leap in a short while. Helped me get to 740.


Rico Saputra

Graphic Designer​

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Prof. Arohi SharmaProf.


Arohi Sharma has been teaching GMAT, GRE, SAT for the past 10 years. She has helped 2000+ students ace these exams and secure admits at top-ranking universities such as Harvard, Wharton, Kelloggs, etc with 100% scholarships. Aarohi holds a BTech in CS from IIT Bombay.

Prof. Dillesh Kumar
Prof Dillesh has been teaching GMAT, GRE, SAT, and other competitive exams since the past 10 years. He has helped over 2000 students attain spots at the world’s top-ranking business schools such as Yale, HEC, and London Business School with 100% scholarships. He has been awarded as US Mental Math’s World Champion, facilitated by the Californian Government and holds a BTech degree from IIT Madras.
Prof. Yash Verma
Prof. Yash is an experienced Quant instructor with a passion for teaching. His unique teaching style involves analytical understanding and deep engagement during his classes. Prof. Yash has completed his PhD from IIT Bombay and has over 8 years of experience in teaching.